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Welcome To Raj Engineers

RAJ Engineers is a professional organisation of Promoters, Builder & Developer with more than 13 years of standing and proven Experience. Our organisation has talented Human resource, rich in experience, with creative imagination, seasoned in innovation, packed with enthusiasm as well as with energy, and dynamic in action to cover various streams of construction services and to provide comprehensive and integrated construction projects.

Our Services

Real Estate

Real estate involves the purchase, sale, and development of land, residential and non-residential buildings. We believe the real estate sector is a major employment driver, being the second largest employer next only to agriculture. This is because of the chain of backward and forward linkages that the sector has with the other sectors of the economy, specially with the housing and construction sector


The redevelopment and development and urbanization of the suburbs is a really important task to do in order to make a healthy and sustainable city. Redevelopment ensures a better standard of living. Not only it encompasses reconstructing the building from scratch but also improved facilities such as intercom facilities, concealed plumbing, smoke, cable and telephone wirings, smoke detectors, firefighting, clubhouse, swimming pool and gymnasium.

Joint Venture

Our founder believes, a joint venture is a common way of combining resources and expertise of two otherwise unrelated companies. One of the most important advantages of a JV is that it can help your business grow faster, increase productivity and generate greater profits.

Construction and contract

Mr. Siddharth Dhoka says contracts provide duties and obligations the parties have agreed to, but also provides protections for the parties if they fail to abide by their obligations. Construction contracts include details about the project and the work that will be done and how compensation will be handled related to the project.

Why Raj Engineers

Quality of work

Quality is critical to satisfying our customers and retaining their loyalty so they continue to buy from us in the future. Quality products make an important contribution to long-term revenue and profitability.


For businesses without a streamlined delivery service in place, this poses an important question: how can you meet the rising expectations of your customers without falling short on the quality of your overall experiences? Our elite customers are busy coping up with the fast-paced life. In this regard, it is important that they experience speedy and timely delivery of service or product from us and we, at Raj Group, let our customer’s expectations down.


Cost is the monetary value that has been spent by a company in order to produce something. Our ambitious founder, Mr. Prithviraj Dhoka says that in business, the effectiveness is the success or financial validity of an organisation.